27 March 2009

THE ROAD TO HEAVEN - Sky Watch Friday #2


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        In Brazil, I was stationed in Glória, "heaven" in Portuguese. The scene above was my very first view of the small city in the distance on the horizon, when the Peace Corps director for the state of Sergipe delivered me, my suitcase, and my footlocker to the town in the Peace Corps jeep. 
        The countryside was a lush green indicating recent rain. On the dirt road to Glória, we had negotiated many large puddles that hadn't dried yet from the hot tropical sun ten degrees south of the equator. It was near the end of August 1967 and there would still be days of rain ahead, but the rainy season (six months of almost daily rain) was winding down. Once it stopped, we might not have clouds or rain again for six months and there had been years of drought when it hadn't rained at all.
        When I traveled to the capital city, I was always glad when, on the return trip, the bus rounded this curve in the road, and I saw Glória ahead.

(Photo and text ©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


  1. What a wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for another beautiful snapshot Carolina. Your posts are a ray of sunshine and we all love seeing your corner of our great big earth :)
    Take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. A truly beautiful photo and post. What a great way to start my day:) Your blog is wonderful, thank you for sharing

  4. Wonderful shot that dirt road zig zagging along just looks like it has storys to tell!! Thanks for visitng my blog I think it is an alien ship from the planet bleesin LOL Megan

  5. This is a good shot!

    Thanks for visiting mine .. I love looking east as I cross the street there .. the sun is always making the sky a pretty color ... which causes the buildings to look like walls of a canyon ... very romantic

  6. Kinda ordinary but there's something to it. It's calm and the village in the backround is interesting. Love the quiet countryroad. Wouldn't mind walking there. I like this. Happy SWF!

  7. I think you had a very nice experience with PEACE CORPS in Brasil.

    Linda foto.

  8. Great photo, such a pretty road and view of the city. Have a great weekend.

  9. You got a nice depth to the picture with that red road.