14 April 2009

"THE DOORS OF RIO" - Ruby Tuesday #2

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          Several years ago, there was a popular series of posters titled "The Doors of Ireland," "The Doors of London" etc. At the time, I had been taking photos of doors and windows for years. To me, doors represent an opening, a portal, a gate to something new. Of course a door may be closed, but one can open a door to a house, a car, an idea, a perception, an opportunity, an experience, or to the outdoors. One can lock or unlock a door, turn a door knob, win a door prize, ring a doorbell, use a door knocker, wipe one's feet on a door mat, be stuck in a doorjamb. The possibilities are endless.
        I wanted to create my own "The Doors of..." poster, but I didn't want it to be mere photographs of doors like the ones I had seen, so instead I used photos of two doors in Rio de Janeiro, turned them sideways, repeated the images, and created a semi-abstract design from them. I wanted the doors to be recognizable, but not obvious at first glance.
        So here is my entry to this week's Ruby Tuesday photo prompt. Enjoy.

A poster featuring this image can be found HERE.

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(Image ©2001, Text ©2009, C.J. Peiffer)


  1. Nice image. I'd love to see the two different doors.

    My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

  2. CJ I like this very much - framed it would be a nice addition to any room. I should order one and send it to Patty in Houston...

  3. Very nice work! A great twist on the theme.

  4. now that's one fine piece of artwork. fantastic! happy RT!

  5. Carolina, that is stunning art work! Amazing! Excellent for Ruby Tuesday! :)